Monday, July 25, 2011

Calling all Superheroes!!

My son was recently invited to a superhero birthday party and, as you can imagine, costumes were the wardrobe of choice at this particular function.  Since we don't currently own any superhero attire, I quickly decided to head over to Etsy.  I found this adorable superhero cape and mask at Kid Kapers and ordered it pronto!  My son absolutely loves it and the best part is that he will get tons of wear out of this fun getup!

If you have a little superhero running around your household, I highly recommend Kid Kapers on  Etsy.  It was shipped super quickly and was made beautifully.  I may be going back to visit her shop soon... Riley has now decided that our Yorkie, Nelson, is his trusty sidekick.  Good thing Kid Kapers makes pet capes too!

Superhero Cape & Mask from Kid Kapers 
Pet Cape from Kid Kapers

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